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Our Design, Your Product!

Just a little note about us

Not every design firm has a basis in real values. Encke Technologies was founded on providing solutions to our customers, not making a quick dollar on a trick and a turn. Our customers' success is what keeps us in business and allows us to continue to offer such great services at the amazing prices we do. As you grow, your business grows, and in-turn we can help you grow. Our core value is service to our customers. Our service and quality of design are what makes and defines us from the rest and sets our customers' systems apart. Our customers are family, we are alway here to serve and support those who wish to succeed.

Areas of Expertise

We are certified experts and specialists in the following systems, programming languages, fields and interfaces.

  • Microsoft
  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Internet
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand design and marketing
  • Marketing (both local and web-based)
  • Website SEO
  • Promotional Plans, Ideas and Implementation (traffic & sales driving tools)
  • Business Organization
  • Business Design and Optimization
  • Consultation
  • Mobile Application Design
    • Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
  • Database Design, Management and Optimization
    • Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL
  • Programming
    • C, C++, .NET, ASP, PHP, Java, ActionScript, AppleScript, Assembly Language, CURL, JavaScript, JScript, Machine Code, MicroSoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Objective-C, Python, Visual Basic, YQL, HTML, etc.

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