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Encke Technologies has, since 2001, provided high-tech solutions to a needed market. We have developed an app development strategy to provide users with a real-time experience to accurate and updated information.

We specialize in making your project a success. We will dedicate all of our time, resources, thought and care in your project! We do not list you as just another customer, but you become part of the Encke Family, appreciating our un-paralleled customer service experience.


Obras Sociales

Every good community is enriched by it's residents.

As part of the ongoing commitment to growth, we have developed the following solutions designed to enrich our own environment.



RutaYA! uses a smart routes to find the best way to reach all local scheduled for a specific device in a specific order. You can pre-define areas and to subsequently add a route to that location, the nearest device is automatically selected. You will have no confusion by archaic directions. The world has been revolutionized increasingly greater accuracy of time. RutaYA! It is the most recent and innovative tool to control and expedite their time.

RutaYA! streamlines drivers, allowing you to save time and money on fuel. From a central office a person can easily control their fleet of vehicles constantly moving, knowing where they are located, be able to communicate in real time with any device. After testing our service, we are sure that the tool will be useful for your company.


Real-time information

In our fast-paced world, every second matters we cannot have outdated information, we need live statistics.

Real-time Reporting

See all reports, data and system statistics in real-time.

Real-time Messaging

Integrate a live messaging solution into your system.

Special Integrations

Integrate your custom system with our live solutions.

Instant Messaging Solutions

Send live messages to live people, making their assistance interactive.

Multi File Support

Import and export to just about any file system you prefer to use.

Live, Responsive Firewall

Security which grows with the level of intensity of the attack.

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